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Stockton, NJ


Quality, Integrity, & Excellence

This is not your everyday farm.  We are different.  Our results are exceptional because our approach is unique.  The foundation of our work is love and reverence for land and livestock, and it shows.


Our mission is simple: to deliver an unparallelled experience by surpassing even the best standards of animal welfare and embracing environmental responsibility.  We incorporate a new consciousness into traditional farming, encouraging a new era of responsibility as stewards of land and livestock.

Our emphasis is on the local community but our breadth and scope is far reaching.  Not only do we offer our award-winning grass-fed beef and lamb, we connect people to the land and their food sources by offering classes through The Farm Cooking School, special events, overnight accommodations, and hands-on experience.

Old Traditions, New Consciousness

Tullamore Farms
Stockton, NJ