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Whole/Half Animal Purchasing

We are now offering whole and half animal purchasing!  Please see below for an explanation of pricing and yield so you know what to expect.



Above is an approximate breakdown of the percentage yield from an average steer.  Also listed are the cuts available from each part of the steer, as well as the additional processing options you may select.

Please click this link for more detailed information on weights and yield.


A steer with a hanging weight of 600 lbs. will require roughly 25 cu. ft. of freezer space, which is equivalent to a freezer like this one.


Whole animal pricing is based on $7.00/lb for a whole steer, and $5.50/lb for a half, and is calculated based on the hanging weight (or gross weight) of the animal after dressing.  We require a $1000, deposit on whole cow purchases, and a $500, deposit on half cow purchases. Deposits are non-refundable after slaughter date is scheduled.  Processing fees vary depending upon your selections, can range from approximately $600-$800, and are assessed independently by the processor.  This final payment will be due when you come to pick up your order.

We offer a fully customizable ordering process.  It requires a few more steps, but it allows you to choose exactly what you're getting in your final package.  When ordering, we ask that you complete this form to let us know what cuts you are interested in.  We will help you to finalize the form and ensure it is correct, but please review it and fill in as much information as you can.  We will ask that you submit your form along with your deposit when placing your order.

Once the steer is delivered to Smucker's for processing, you will be required to remit the balance for the cost of the steer based on its hanging weight.  This balance payment will be due approximately three weeks before the final product is ready for pickup.

So, in summary, the process will involve three steps with a payment due at each phase:

1.  Order/cut sheet submission with your deposit
2. Balance due based on the verified hanging weight, about three weeks before final pickup
3. Processing fees due at time of pickup





The process for whole lamb purchasing is similar to whole cow, above, only the price is based on a $10/lb cost for a whole lamb, and $12/lb for a half lamb.  We require a deposit of $300 when purchasing a whole lamb and $150 for a half.  Average hanging weight is about 40-60 lbs. and the processing fees for lamb average about $90 for a whole lamb and $45 for half.

When you are ready, please call Jeanmarie at (609) 548-2569 to make arrangements and submit your payment.